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Stevie Blanks from United Earth.
R.M. Almonte is a Dominican-American Author was born in New York and now lives in Japan.
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United Earth
Book Series

R.M. Almonte is a Dominican-American Sci-fi/Metaphysical Author

Hi, my name R.M. Almonte.
I love writing because it allows my imagination to go wild. Traveling through space, time and dimensions. Infusing your mind with realms of infinite possibilities.


When a ex-thug starts looking for enlightment what can happen?
What happens when your imagination reaches beyond your own planet?
United Earth book 2
Despair & Hope is the third part in the United Earth series. With Stevie's demise, the galaxy is on the brink of war.


Domincan sci-fi author

     Ramon is a self-published author of Metaphysical Sci-fi, who was born and raised in NYC and is the son of Dominican immigrants. He now lives in Japan. His 1st book (Scratching the Cosmic Conscious) was published in 2012.  United Earth series, part 1 was published in 2015 (Rough Beginnings) in 2017 (Exiled)  and in 2021 (Despair & Hope).

      I have always been a dreamer since I was a young child and still am. Hence why I'm a writer. Some of my early influences came from my father. When we looked up at the stars he imagined what alien life would be like.  These thoughts were further fueled by tv shows like Star Trek that took my imagination to a whole new level. When I started writing my first book in 2006. I did tons of research into the ufo phenomenon. Which gave my imagination the jolt it needed as an adult. ​

       The dreams I have at night are many times part of my books. Sometimes I see direct scenes from my novel in my dreams. These are the few things that influence me as a writer.



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