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    R.M. Almonte, a self-published Metaphysical Sci-fi author from NYC with Dominican roots, once resided in Japan and now lives in Florida. His standalone book, "Scratching the Cosmic Conscious," precedes the United Earth series, which began in 2015. Influenced by childhood stargazing and shows like Star Trek, Almonte's vivid dreams and imagination are central to his storytelling.

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   R.M. Almonte, a self-published Metaphysical Sci-fi author, hails from New York City. Born to Dominican immigrants, he's imbued with a rich cultural heritage that deeply influences his writing. Almonte's journey took him from the bustling streets of NYC to Japan, and now to Florida, each locale enriching his narrative style. His first book, "Scratching the Cosmic Conscious," released in 2012, marked the start of his literary journey. He later embarked on the United Earth series, with titles like "Rough Beginnings" (2015), "Exiled" (2017), and "Despair & Hope" (2021), each book cementing his place in the Metaphysical Sci-fi genre.

Almonte's imagination was kindled by childhood experiences, notably stargazing with his father and being captivated by sci-fi TV shows such as Star Trek. These moments laid the groundwork for a vivid and expansive imagination. His writing process is uniquely inspired by his dreams, which often translate into the fantastical scenes in his novels. This deep connection to his inner world is evident in his storytelling, where personal experiences, dreams, and a rich cultural background merge to create immersive, thought-provoking narratives.

Full bio 

  R.M. Almonte is more than just a self-published author of Metaphysical Sci-fi. He's a dreamer who was born and raised in the heart of NYC and is the son of Dominican immigrants. Lived in Japan for 12 years but now resides in Florida.  Ramon has taken paranormal experiences and translated them into his fascinating United Earth series.

Ramon's first book, Scratching the Cosmic Conscious, was published in 2012, but it was only the beginning. He continued to develop his craft and in 2015, published the first part of his United Earth series - Rough Beginnings. Exiled followed in 2017 and in 2021, he published Despair & Hope, further cementing his status as a rising star in the Metaphysical Sci-fi genre.

  R.M. Almonte's imagination was sparked at an early age by his father, who would gaze at the stars with him and wonder about alien life. TV shows like Star Trek added fuel to his already vivid imagination, and it wasn't until 2006 that he began writing his first book. Doing extensive research on the UFO phenomenon was the jolt his imagination needed as an adult.

   The influence of R.M. Almonte dreams cannot be overstated. They are often directly reflected in his novels, as he sees scenes from his book come alive in his mind. These are the few things that truly inspire him as a writer and his passion for the genre shines through in every page of his work.

Book Synopsis

"Scratching the Cosmic Consciousness" is an exhilarating tale of self-discovery and intergalactic travel. Follow Trevor, a Dominican American from New York City, on his quest for enlightenment. Through vivid dreams, he builds a device for space-time travel, joining forces with Sequoyah, a 4,000-year-old tree being. Their journey takes them to Vensra, a mysterious planet filled with adventures and universal secrets. Trevor learns that true enlightenment is an inward journey, confronting his past and fears to unlock ultimate truths. Facing a pivotal decision, he delves into the human experience and existence's nature. Discover how this journey transforms Trevor by diving into this inspiring cosmic adventure.

Scratching The Cosmic Conscious

United Earth Series
Book 1 Rough Beginnings 

    "United Earth: Rough Beginnings" is the first tale in the United Earth series, introducing the poignant journey of Stevie, a young boy grappling with significant loss. After the devastating loss of his mother and faced with a father numbed by addiction, Stevie stands at a pivotal point in his life. Guided by an enigmatic force, he begins to uncover his true inner strength. The story takes him beyond the boundaries of normal society as he asks himself a challenging question: How does one learn to do something unprecedented? Stevie's quest to realize his potential and harness his unique abilities is a testament to resilience and the human spirit's capacity for growth. This narrative is more than Stevie's story; it's an inspirational call to find and embrace one's innate power in life's toughest moments.

United Earth Series
Book 2 Exiled

    "Exiled," the second tale in the United Earth series, continues the captivating story of Stevie, who now faces new challenges after achieving his dreams. Stevie and his crew, having lost everything they've worked tirelessly for, find themselves at a crucial juncture. As they grapple with their losses, they realize that starting anew often means letting go of the past. Now exiled from Earth, they are tasked with the daunting yet transformative mission of rebuilding. This tale explores the resilience required to navigate uncharted territories and the courage needed to start over. It delves into the complexities of sacrifice, the pain of loss, and the power of hope. "Exiled" is not just a story of survival; it's about the journey of reinvention and the enduring question: How do you accomplish what no one else has before?

United Earth Series
Book 3 Hope & Despair 

    "Despair & Hope" marks the gripping third installment of the United Earth series. In the wake of Stevie's tragic demise, the galaxy teeters on the edge of war. The story intricately weaves the dynamics of new alliances and formidable enmities. Stevie's comrades, having forged many friendships, now confront a relentless enemy bent on galactic domination. This narrative delves into the depths of despair and the resilience needed to rise from it. It poses a profound question: How does one muster the courage and strength to fight for a brighter future when faced with their darkest hour? This tale is a journey through the complexities of loss, the struggle for power, and the enduring spirit of hope. "Despair & Hope" is more than a sci-fi adventure; it's a reflection on the resilience of the human spirit in the face of overwhelming odds.

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