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What I've read.

Recently someone asked me what books I would recommend beside me own book of course. Surprisingly I have one book I read that I adore but it would not fall into the category of sci-fi. I know, I know that is sacrilegious but bare with me for a moment. The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo. A Brazilian writer who wrote a book that I would say is right up my alley. It has dreams, intuition and just being at right place at the right time. I love this book it's the main reason I started to travel around the world. I won't add any spoilers but it's a book I recommend to all my readers. I don't have any affiliations just a dam good book. It's hard for me to talk about this book without adding any spoilers so I will just leave it there.

In the Sci-fi field I have to say Star Trek books, I mean I'm crazy about Star Trek. But I do have a complain about them. They don't really number them so it's really hard to follow which is the next book to read. Especially with the DS9 series and Next Generation. I really like the books that followDS9 after show ends. If your Trekki let me know what books you love from the Star Trek Universe. With the Star Trek books its more about answering questions that the tv show doesn't answer. I wouldn't recommend these books if your not a star trek fan as you would be lost.

Let me know if you ever read any of these books and what you thought about it?

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