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Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Far into the future, when man had lost his connection to the distant past. Countless wars and destruction had taken place. When the land masses had moved to form new continents.

Far into the future, when man had lost his connection to the distant past. Countless wars and destruction had taken place. When the landmasses had moved to form new continents. Man had barely survived several times. It was a far different world to that of their ancient ancestors. Because of man’s necessity to survive, keeping records had taken a back seat. Things like planes, google, and Xbox had been long forgotten. Nature had almost completely recovered its lands. With the exception of a few skyscrapers, here and there. Ancient man's greatness was now but a dream told by a few old fools, that no one listens to anyway. But one thing did survive amongst the powerful families. Somehow cryptocurrencies had survived but not in the way ancient man knew them. It was said; when the catastrophes started, some men tattoo their QR code onto their forearms. No one is really sure why this tradition was started. Amongst some of the ancient relics were the manuscripts that taught them how to maintain these blockchains and run the internet.

Many religions were formed such as the Bitcoinism, Ethereumism and much more. Bitcoinism was the most powerful. They constructed huge temples for the god Satoshi. It is said, that Satoshi created the 1st blockchain which allows their souls to enter if they were worthy.

If you were one of the chosen bloodlines that were blessed with the tattoo, then you were allowed into the sacred part of the temple. It was rumored that when you enter, the high priest would scan your arm with some magical tablet. This would tell the priest how blessed you were. This is where they kept the ancient computers to run the blockchains and the manuscripts In this society that would make you royalty. The family with the most bitcoins ruled. If you were caught faking the tattoo you were immediately beheaded.

The gods had blessed the Temples and the homes of the royals with electricity. While the majority of the population lived in squabbles with no light or running water. It was illegal to use any technology. The high priest and the Royals didn’t want technology to advance. All they wanted was for the blockchains to run smoothly and to stay in power.

The devotees of Bitcoinism tattoo their faces with a B across the left side of their faces. This also gave them favor with these families. Especially if you wanted to become a priest or a soldier. The soldier’s weapons of choice are these hammers that are 2ft long. At the end of the hammer was a B, so when they hit you with it, God would forgive you as you now wore the mark of the Gods. This allowed you to enter the blockchain when you died.

Far too west existed Ethereumism, they were not that different from the Bitcoinknights. The only differences were they wore their QR codes on their chest. Same old ignorant mentality. Each side was insulted that the other believed in that blockchain but not in the one true blockchain. Especially the Bitcoinknights because Satoshi created everything and it was a betrayal to him to choose another cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoinknights had enough of the infidels. They started to march their huge armies to the west. To destroy the Ethereumknights once and for all. What they didn’t know was that the Ethereumknights were waiting for them halfway to their city. They had to march their army through an ancient city. That made the journey treacherous because of all the vegetation growth and buildings that had collapsed.

Without a moment to breathe the Bitcoinknights were surrounded. The Ethereumknights came from every angle with bloodlust in their eyes. They engaged in one of the bloodiest battles that any of them could remember. To make matters worse they believed when they died they would become part of the blockchain and become closer to the gods unless they were hit with the sacred hammer.

Unknown to both groups were the Altcoinknights who lived far to the south. A long time ago they had broken away from both groups. Unlike the others they allow everyone to use and learn about technologies. Amongst them lived a young inventor named Dracoin. He had found a way to steal all of the Bitcoinknights and Ethereumknights coins. The Altcoinknights were worried that whoever won the war, would come after them next. So they let the Ethereumknights know that the Bitcoinknights were coming for them. While both sides were distracted their armies took over the temples. Becoming the new royalties of both cities.

Both sides took heavy casualties, by the time they came back home their world had been turned upside down. The old powers try to contest but by their own laws, they had lost everything. One by one they try to enter the sacred temples and all of them were turned down as they had no cryptocurrencies in their wallets. The new leaders instigated by saying that the gods were unhappy with them and that’s why they took away their blessings. Since the majority of the population were blind followers, they did not understand how technology works. What once kept them in power, now stripped them of it. They were all exiled from the cities and a new era began.

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