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Skies of Trinity

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

    The skies of trinity, what does that mean? Something that keeps getting repeated in my dreams. You know, right before you wake up.

The skies of trinity, what does that mean? Something that keeps getting repeated in my dreams. You know, right before you wake up. It's what they call the hypnagogic state. I don’t know if you believe in this kind of crap.

Once a week, right at 3:33 am. I hear these words and it wakes me up. To be quite honest with you, it’s quite annoying. I prefer to get a full night's rest. Anyway, I started to check the internet and nothing. The only thing that popped up was a space weather warning programmed out of Trinity College in Dublin. Was there a connection and why at 3:33 am?

I decided one night to sit down and meditate. I didn’t plan it but when I looked over at the clock before I started, it was 2:22 am. I’ve meditated before but wouldn’t call myself a meditator. After a while, I nodded off to sleep.

“Soul-matrix <>connecting//333[program initiating]” I saw a screen with this on it.

“Comparability scanning in progress.” I heard like a computer running in my head with the beeps and sounds.

“100% match” a few more beeps “folder created. Instillation initialized.” At that moment I couldn’t see anything, just hear what was going on. “Program Installed.” I swear when it said that something was downloaded & installed into my mind.

The visions began, I started to see what’s called the Black Satellite. It’s a diamond shape object sent here by aliens, 13,000 years ago to protect us from major cataclysm. It was sent here after the diluvian cataclysm that helped sink Atlantis.

But it can’t function unless a human chooses to literally integrate with it. My predecessor 1st became a part of it 13,000 years ago and the machine could no longer keep her body alive. She served her planet long enough and wanted to move on to the next life.

“What’s the meaning of 333?” I asked.

“3 represents the trinity we become, biomachine, mind and soul without it I cannot serve my purpose. 33 is the 33degree parallel north is where we are able to receive energy to produce substance and charges our energy cells from the Earth’s orbit.“ I answer myself; it is a way that the program runs so that the host does not become insane. “I will not force you to fully integrate, you must choose of your own free will. If you don’t accept I must respect your wish and find another.” I said to myself.

“What if I can’t find another? I asked.

“Then I must keep searching into our system cease to function. We can only help if one of the humans choose to help we cannot force our help. You must want it.” I said to myself. Because I was integrated mentally I could scan through the records and see how my previous predecessor saved the Earth from countless things.

“I accept!!!” I said.

“Full integration process initializing.”

I felt myself dematerializing from my house and rematerializing in the satellite. My predecessor’s body and mind was becoming part of mines. I felt her soul release “ thank you” was whispered to me as she left our plain of existence. The wires and circuits were molding into my body, I felt my blood course through the veins of the satellite. One without the other cannot survive.

You wonder who am I, my identity, race, gender that is not of importance. What is important is that I protect you and you in return make this a better planet.

“99.8%, 99.9%, 100%, integration completed.”

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